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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 3, 2015 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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remaining for notre dame. >> chris: got to stop gallman and get the ball back and, yeah, brian kelly knows it is tough with a wet ball, but this is his reaction after the fumble. >> kirk: it's been one of those nights with self-destruction ng, but this game is far from over. brian kelly electing not to use the time-out that they lost, when they had to do the two-point conversion, with only ten men on the field, he decides to let the clock run here, then they're going to try to get stops on second and third down with the time-outs to try to get the football back under midfield. >> chris: and watson, work, the play clock. snaps it at four. gives it to gallman. hit hard. boy, you -- you worry about a fumble almost every time, as the irish make the stop and then do spend that second time-out with 1:19 to go and third down coming
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>> chris: monday night, on espn, the seahawks and the lions. 8:15 on espn, streaming live on the watch espn app. >> kirk: clemson, got to think they run the football. the irish are thinking, stop them, use the last time-out, force the punt, get the ball about midfield, maybe your own 45 with about a minute to go. still time to do what they need to do. >> chris: third and six a very safe play. watson keeps it. but does not get much. the linebacker stopped him and now they'll spend that final time-out with 1:13. punt coming up. into the wind, by the way. >> kirk: brian kelly has been thinking the same thing that you and i are talking about. he decided to let that first down play go. called the time-out on second and third down. they're going to get the ball with a minute to go without any time-outs and the way they've been throwing the football, they've got to feel pretty confident that they can execute
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football. may come down to a two-point conversion. >> chris: swinney and scott and elliot electing to call safe plays, keep it on the ground. on a rainy night, into the wind. and then trust their defense to try to protect this lead. but kizer's been making plays. just making too many mistakes. >> kirk: no doubt. he's thrown now for 284 yards on the night. teasdall in his end zone. and fuller is set up at the 45. he'll have a play. takes it at the 41. fuller. down to the 32 yard line and kizer and company set up perfectly. 1:05. no time-outs. but a lot shorter drive than when they were down at virginia. >> kirk: give this notre dame defense a lot of credit for hanging in there and doing what they needed to do to get the ball back to notre dame and now, if you're clemson and you are
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brent venables, don't you have to be thinking to yourself, that underneath crossing route, it's been wide open. we've been blitzing some linebackers, we've been getting lost a little bit in coverage. it's not just a long throw down field. it's the underneath route they have to be concerned about. >> chris: best starting field position for the irish. snapped it at one. lost the ball! just came out of his hand. >> kirk: okay, remember, no time-outs. he's got to have some urgency here. they work on this. he doesn't have a ton of experience in this, other than the virginia game. but he's got to crank. this is where you really got to have some intensity. >> chris: inside of 50 seconds. they loms about six yards there. kizer. steps up. flips it short. incomplete, out of brown's hands. >> kirk: that is actually the best thing that could have happened to notre dame.
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if he caught that football, he's tackled inbounds and they don't pick up very many yards up and the clock just keeps going and going. clemson doing a good job right now. they've got eight guys in coverage and they're trying to keep notre dame inbounds. they want that clock to just keep going. >> chris: two plays to get 16 yards and keep hope alive. >> kirk: kizer cannot take a sack. he's got to throw it away if he feels pressure. >> chris: they bring some pressure. fires. far side -- sliding play, catch carlisle's got a first down in the red zone. they bring that pressure. it's right in his face and he knows if he takes the sack, the game could be over. he stands in there, he gets the time and he throws it. now they're going to fire it to kill the clock. >> chris: 25 seconds to go. kelly decisive in asking his
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here's the catch. underneath. gets the legs involved. whatever it takes to hold onto that football. but i couldn't believe the way he just sat in that pocket and waited for carlisle to break free. didn't panic. it's one thing to make the throw. it's another thing not to panic. >> chris: does this remind you of a notre dame game on the road against the acc a year ago, a long third down conversion? >> kirk: we were there. >> chris: for florida state. kizer. flips it. near side. prosise breaks a tackle -- gets down to the 2! >> kirk: clock stops for the first down. a missed tackle there by clemson. they had him inbounds and short of the first down. they were not able to pull him down. how about the strength there of prosise? >> chris: clemson wasn't set.
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so, a flag comes in. >> kirk: clemson has 12 defenders on the field. krf >> chris: that's a problem. >> kirk: that's not good. >> chris: you are kind of torn, i guess, as a coordinator. trying to get your short yardage package from the 2 yard line. >> referee: illegal substitution. defense. half the distance to the goal. still first down. >> chris: what do you do? do you dare run the ball? >> kirk: i don't think you can. you have to trust the quarterback. he's had the football in his hands. he's made good decisions. if all else fails, he also is a big body and he is go for that goal line and try to use his legs for a touchdown. >> chris: any play tackled inbounds is serious trouble, though. >> kirk: game's over if you are tackled inbounds. >> chris: kizer loops it for the end zone. touchdown!
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torii hunter jr. with seven seconds to play! the irish are a two-point conversion away from overtime. >> kirk: you mentioned last year's florida state/notre dame game. how about this? how about this right here? perfectly executed to open it up. exactly the same situation, the same side of the field, but this time, will fuller, give him credit. he looks into the quarterback, instead of, like, looking at the defensive back. perfectly executed by notre dame. ironic, a year later, the exact same corner of an end zone with the game on the line. >> chris: they need three more yards to force o.t. kizer. rolls. runs into traffic and comes up a yard short! boulware, watkins. and the clemson defense rises up. to hold off a furious notre dame rally.
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brian kelly. relying on the feet and the legs of kizer -- this is all about the defensive line of clemson. work here. and then, you have the safeties come in and help out. but a great job up front. i mean, kevin dodd, 98, would not -- look at the extension there against a tight end, wisher. he just throws him back into the -- into the quarterback. boulware's involved. you saw blanks get in there. >> chris: you saukelly's disappoint. watson's relief. the decision by kelly to go for two early in the fourth quarter. they got that first touchdown. it will be questioned now, the way things eventually worked out. >> kirk: no doubt about that. and you go to the last second here with seven seconds left. you had an unsportsmanlike penalty here on clemson, so,
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kicking from midfield for this onsides kick. and if they -- you know, it's a slippery field, it's wet. if you kick this and you somehow recover it, at least it gives you a chance at either a hail mary or a really long field goal. >> chris: cassidy hubbarth will be along in the studio. have reaction from this one. early in this quarter, clemson rolling. up 21. they thought -- we can think about heading home early on a rainy night. the irish made them play right down to the end. but just like the game we referenced a year ago in tallahassee, it looks like a notre dame perfect season is going to come to an end with a close call on the road in a tough environment against an acc team. >> kirk: absolutely. let's see how this onsides kick goes. >> chris: well, this is the
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they practice this all the time, trying to get that perfect hop. and it does not get the hop. and it's fielded by the tigers who are going to take a knee with a hard-earned two-point victory in death valley. they're 12th straight home win. that is a very relieved head coach. >> kirk: he's emotional right now. this is a big win for his program. think about this. in the last three years. this clemson program is now 36-7 with wins over lsu, auburn, georgia, ohio state, oklahoma and notre dame.
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he has taken this program to a whole different level and so, what you saw there was not just relief but just -- he is so darn proud of his program and what they've built here. >> chris: forget the stats. clemson's outgained big time. notre dame mistakes crucial for second half turnovers but they played a ton of heart and resilience on the road. kizer, who helped lead that comeback, coming up one yard short on that two-point conversion carry. >> kirk: that's what you need to take away from this game. it's a huge win for clemson early in the year at home against a good notre dame football team. but notre dame, with kizer at quarterback, on the road in these conditions, down big, looking like they didn't have any chance at all, they had four turnovers, they're outgained by over 100 yards, how in the world is that football team going to have a chance to come back and have a shot at a two-point conversion, getting it into
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give them credit. they can build on this. >> chris: the tigers have some tough folks ahead. georgia tech is up next here on this field. they got hammered by the jackets a year ago, but tech is struggling. clemson, kirk, with the loss ahead of them in the rankings, four of the top eight teams, a chance to really jump up in the rankings and become a big part of the conversation for that, potential playoff talk. and the irish with a tough schedule, not necessarily out of it with the two-point loss on the road. >> kirk: yeah, yeah. >> chris: you saw how emotional dabo swinney was a moment ago. he's with heather. >> heather: thank you so much. dabo, congratulations. what does this kind of a win do for your program? >> well, makes us 4-0, and it keeps us on track. for what we're trying to do and that's have a great season. hats off to notre dame. you know, they fought back. that's what great teams do. well coached. man, i'm just so proud of our team.
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it ain't always perfect, but what i told them tonight was, listen, we give you scholarships, we give you, you know, stipends and meals and a place to live. we give you nice uniforms, i can't give you guts. and i can't give you heart. and tonight, hey, it was b.y.o.g., bring your own guts. they brought the guts and heart and never quit until the last play. and thank you to the good lord and my dad, who was with me tonight. just freaking play this play, don't worry about our screwups. play this play. win this down. and, you know, just happy, they never quit. but again, great effort by notre dame. and let me just tell you --
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rain, sleet or snow, tiger nation, they show and they were here tonight. great, great job. we're going to do the whip and nae nae tonight. >> heather: you want to do it right now? bring your own guts, guys. >> chris: well, there will be a dance, just check in tomorrow. dabo is going to get down. >> kirk: i thought he might pull the whip out down on the field there. it's going to get nutty in that locker room. >> chris: he knows it wasn't perfect. they have a lot of things to correct. but it was a resilient defense that had been burned a bunch. notre dame was moving up and down the field, making big plays. had come very close. they do force the four turnovers in the second half. they did limit prosise on the ground. they got in the backfield a bunch, kirk. but boy, they were really test ed ed. a yard away from overtime. >> kirk: remember we were just
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kind of mar vechling and they got voweler inable in the passing game. kizer threw for over 300 yards tonight and it -- that aspect is what brent venables is probably going to work the hardest on to get his team ready to continue to trim to improve. >> chris: give you the at&t strong performance. just enough for clemson. you know what, when notre dame visits clemson, it's only happened twice, the last four decades. finish. joe montana just got it done, the last time the irish were here and deshone kizer came very close to a comeback that would have joined the long list, notre dame just a yard short there. something they can build on, even though it's a loss. >> kirk: i think you're right. this is going to be a wacky year in college football. all you have to do is look at and especially today. look at some of the scores. it's going to be one of those years where the committee's homework. it wasn't going to be as clean as it was. notre dame is not out of this thing. if they can learn from this,
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they're going to be just fine. and for clemson, as well, i mean, clemson's a football team that -- they've got a quarterback, they've got a defense that they can be proud of. but they've got enough that they can learn from today and continue to try to grow and just keep, as he said, we're 4-0. not going to hand us the trophy tonight. we're 4-0. >> chris: no, no. they now have to play eight more games in eight weeks. they had the long time off before this game. but it's going to be a grind and no weeks off for clemson as they head into the acc schedule. until until state florida state comes here. team that's had their number. another look at the stop by the tiger defense on the two-pointer. >> kirk: look at dodd. he sets the point on the edge. doesn't let kizer get outside. and then the rest of that defensive line and the linebackers are there to clean it up. but really give kevin dodd a lot of credit for holding the point on the outside. that defensive line, when they had to turn it up tonight, they did for the most part. >> chris: we will never know what would happen had that conversion been good. this thing would have headed to
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overtime. because notre dame would have brought the momentum into it. well, the party on a rainy night in death valley is just getting startled here. clemson holds on, 24-22 over the fighting irish. hope you enjoyed tonight's game. for kirk herbstreit, heather cox and our entire crew, which worked beautiful little in these tough conditions tonight, i'm chris fowler. the ford wrapup show is coming up right now. cassidy? >> thanks, chris. wow, clemson battling the elements to pull off that win. flu? looking for an upset win of their own, taking on ole miss. one of those players that had the flu, will greer. not a problem, though. a career high four td passes. that one to brandon powell. florida wins easily, 38-10. they're 5-0 for the first time since 2012. number 13 alabama versusnumber eight, georgia. fitzpatrick blocks the punt and
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walks in. alabama up 17-3 in the second quarter. and it was more of the same in the second half. bulldogs back up qb brice ramsey replaced the benched grailson lambert and he's picked off by eddie jackson and jackson touchdown. the tide rolls, 38-10. derek henry, a career high 148 rushing yards and his tenth straight game with a rushing td. and speaking of a big rushing day, how about ohio state's ezekiel elliott? in the third quarter, a 7578-yard td run to add to his 55-yard td run and 65-yard td run. a career high 274 rushing yards. three tds on the day. but the buckeyes were on the ropes. last chance for indiana. looking. looking. not going to happen. ohio state survives, 34-27, despite losing the turnover battle, 3-0. number two, michigan state also
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second quarter. connor cook. hits r.j. shelton with the shovel pass and he gone. 23 yards for six. michigan state scrapes by 24-21. how about the leonard fournette show, against the worst rushing defense in the country, eastern michigan. 75-yard touchdown here. fournette, 245 yards rushing. three tds, the first player in s.e.c. history with three straight 200-yard rushing games. lsu wins easily. elsewhere in the s.e.c., a top 25 battle in college station. texas a&m gets its first home win over a ranked team in six 30-17, the final. snum baylor taking on texas tech. first quarter, shock lin wood on the handoff, finds a huge hole and takes it to the house. 79 yards. lynn wood, a career high 221 rushing yards.
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tcu beat texas in consecutive years for the first time since 1958 and '59. 44-24, scoring the final 17 points of the game. to the acc. jimbo fisher and florida state taking on wake forest. third quarter. everett golson. would find whitfield. 201 yards and a td. he still hasn't thrown a pick this season. florida state wins for the 13th straight acc win. to the pac-12. number seven ucla in trouble against arizona state. and a lot of help from his friends, and that would seal it. asu winning on the road versus a top ten team for the first time since 2002. elsewhere in the pac-12, jared goff, 309 yards and four tds for cal in a comeback win over washington state, and speaking of cal, gameday will be at utah, as they host the bears.
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see you guys next. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer.
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safer. >> it has been so chilly, breezy and cloudy. do we turn things around for the second half of the weekend? my forecast is next. >> it is out of our control at this point. i think that's what's so frustrating for people. divisions. the school says it's just exploring the idea. good cause. who turned up at the storeybook ball? >> a liche ring from a cargo ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin has been found but there's no word from the crew. greening. i'm stephanie woods. the life preserver was found 70 miles away from the last known position of the el farrow.
11:55 pm
if it was blown off in the storm or if this means that the crew had to abandon ship. the portland press harold says four americans are from maine, including the captain. right now hurricane joaquin is moving away from the u.s., but another storm system is soaking the mid atlantic setting a record for rain in the carolinas. >> scenes like this in north carolina were recented up and down the east coast as floodwaters swamped large swaths of town. this home on the new jersey shore was turned into driftwood. this facebook photo shows the home in trouble as the waters rose. >> i've lived here for 15 years and never seen it this bad before. >> this charleston doctor was trying to get to work. >> the water was up above my waist, so i couldn't do it. >> tow truck operators are
11:56 pm
>> if you see water on the road, turn around and tell them i'm not coming in. >> the water came and just kept on coming. >> high wind whipped floodwater in north carolina streets, downing powerlines and trees. this one into a church. and heavy rains opened up this sinkhole. though hurricane joaquin is hundreds of miles off shore, its reached is strong enough to be felt in florida. >> we were under a few times. >> waves are topping seven feet and beachgoers are being warned against potentially deadly rip currents. >> some areas that have already seen a foot of rain could see over 10 inches more in the coming days. >> nepping will dodge hurricane
11:57 pm
dose of autumn chill instead. for more on the storm and frost advisories, let's head to our meteorologist. >> tonight we are going to get to some very cold temperatures, especially up north of the lakes region. basically, if you are in the lakes region and northward, you will likely have frost tonight. just issued by the national weather service, a freeze warning has been issued for northern grafton county because temperatures there likely will go into the upper 20's. these are the latest advisories. southern grafton county and carroll county. essentially, it's a cold night. look at that. 230 degrees in berlin right now -- 30 degrees in berlin right now. there's the latest on joaquin. still a category iv hurricane with 130-mile-per-hour winds. there's the track as of 11:00 last evening. it's making a turn to the right
11:58 pm
so away from the mainland of the u.s. and away from new england. which is good news. a look at next week in the forecast in a couplele of minutes. >> thank you. police are looking for an inmate who they say escaped from conk covered. he recently became eligible for parole but it has not yet been approved. officials say he walked away from the work center sometime between 9:30 and 11: 30 last night. >> a man fro from romania is facing charges paff police say he assaulted a woman who he knows at his house this week. he was arrested today and turned down bail. he should be in court on monday. turning now to commitment 2016 coverage. three presidential hopesfuls spoke today. wmur's mike cronin has the
11:59 pm
>> nice to meet you. >> carly freenape met -- fiorina promised to challenge the status quo in washington if she's elected. . >> the potential of this great nation is being crushed by a government that has grown so big, so powerful, so costly, so complex, so inept, so corrupt, and a professional political class that leffs to do anything about it. >> american principles project hosted the forum in hooksest. three republicans vying for the white house spoke to the audience. texas senator ted cruz says republicans need a leader. >> we are here because every one of us believe in live free or die. >> cruz says he has the experience to lead the country. >> this past week in washington, i've been leading the fight to
12:00 am
stop planned parenthood funding and to stop the iron deal. >> after visiting the dover apple harvest festival, rick santorum was the final candidate to speak. he stole grant staters to elect the right person. fiorina says the next president needs to address problems facing the nation and decrease the size of government. >> it is time to take our government back. >> mike cron ib, wmur news 9. >> fiorina will continue her visit on sunday. others will return to new hampshire on sunday. a high school and medical center will hold a drill sunday morning to test emergency plans in case of a school shooting. it will start at 9:00. tonight we're learning more about the heroes of that college shooting from the man who confronted the shooter to a
12:01 am
woman who tried to save her friends. abc's brandy hit is in roseburg, oregon. >> nursing student sharon kirk ham can't forget what happened. >> rapid, rapid fire. >> she and her classmates quickly found out what they thought were firecrackers outside were gunshots. she had no idea until she was hit. >> please, just breathe, come on. >> but it was too late. that's when 30-year-old army veteran showed up and 20e8d people to get down. >> it's my son's birthday. come on. and you hear rapid fire again. >> mintz was shot several times but survived. >> he put his own life ahead of everyone else's. >> nine other people died ranging from 18 to 67 years old.
12:02 am
the man who if you would trigger. he came armed with six guns including an automatic rifle and wore a bullet-proof vest. the gunman was down two minutes after police arrived. >> the medical examiner has reported to us that the cause of death was suicide. >> cause of death of the shooter should be suicide. >> back inside the school kirk a.m. was still helping the wounded. >> she had a gunshot wound in her leg, so i picked her up and carried her into the breezeway. >> there's a memorial growing just outside the college campus. the sign reads "pray for roseburg." classes will be canceled through all of next week. >> at least 25 people are hurt after a concrete awning collapse ed. students were gathering
12:03 am
underneath for a band competition. witnesses say some people were briefly trapped in the debris. >> it was just chaos. everything was going on. nobody was in order. nothing was -- everything was just chaotic. >> a lot of them were crying and sad and upset because it was just a shock, because it's like nobody -- everybody wasn't expecting it. it was just out of nowhere. >> people crying, people upset? >> oh, yeah. everybody was pretty messed up. >> investigators are trying to figure out why the driver lost control. they will also bring in a structural engineer to make sure the building is safe. a college has applied to move its sports team to division iii of the ncaa. that isn't sitting well with many athletes and their families. they feel like they wrnts part of the decision. >> this group of students and parents feel they've been left
12:04 am
in the dark about possibly going


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